Roundtable 1: Emerging Perspectives for Transforming the Built Environment

Ar. TAI Lee-siang
Chair, WorldGBC

Prof. WANG Youwei
Chairman, China Green Building Council

Professor, Architecture and Building Systems ETH Zurich; Principal Investigator, Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore ETH Centre

Ar. Bryant LU
Vice Chairman, Ronald Lu and Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong SAR


Roundtable 2: Leadership Driving for the Sustainable Built Environment

Dr George BAIRD
Emeritus Professor of Building Science, Victoria University of Wellington

Mr Douglas WOO
Chairman & Managing Director, Wheelock and Company Ltd.

Enterprise Professor, University of Melbourne; Regional Director in Asia-Pacific, iiSBE; Founding Director, nBLue Pty Ltd

Mr TAN Tian-chong
Deputy Managing Director, Built Environment Research and Innovation Institute, Building and Construction Authority

Mr Lincoln LEONG
CEO, MTR Corporation


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