Sustainability at WSBE17 Hong Kong

The Organisers, the Construction Industry Council and the Hong Kong Green Building Council, are committed to creating a green event experience to the participants at WSBE17 Hong Kong. Throughout the 3-day Conference and 2-day Green Building & Eco-Tour, a series of Green Measures are adopted at WSBE17 Hong Kong. Join us to transform our built environment and put the green ideas into actions to extend the sustainability efforts at the Conference and Hong Kong!


Energy Saving and reduce Carbon Footprint

  1. Event venues with energy saving measure and comply with energy efficiency standards are selected as far as possible.
  2. Event venues are situated in locations where public transport can be conveniently accessed to reduce the need for private transportation and unnecessary emission.


Waste Reduction and Recycling

1. Go Green and Digital:
  • Use electronic means (e.g. email, website) rather than printed materials for communications. Online version of Manuals, Order Forms, and Technical Guide are used as much as possible.
  • Set up an electronic registration system that allows participants to submit forms.
  • Conference participants can use our mobile app to retrieve Conference information.
2. Less Plastic:
  • Avoid the use of disposable items by using reusable dishes, cutlery, glassware and linens; and if they must be used, use eco-friendly or biodegradable ones.
  • Water dispensers are available at the venue. Avoid the use of single use bottles for water.
  • Name badges do not come in plastic holders and lanyards will be recycled.
3. Less Food Waste:
  • Arrange appropriate quantity of food.
4. Recycle First, Dispose Last:
  • Event venues are selected with sufficient recycling facilities, waste-reduction and recycling programmes in their operations.


Green Procurement

  1. Use recycled/eco-friendly materials - 100% or FSC Certified paper are selected for printed materials used for Conference booklets or brochures whenever possible.
  2. Sustainable elements will be integrated in the graphics, signage and design.
  3. Sustainability-conscious menus will be used at WSBE17 Hong Kong. Seafood that are unsustainably-produced seafood will be avoided as much as possible. Vegetarian snacks and meals are available to offer delegates low-carbon and socially responsible options.
  4. Work with like-minded partners and vendors with strong commitment to sustainability.
  5. Provide Green Tips for Exhibitors to reuse the booth materials or use recycled materials.
We encourage the participants to join hands with us in stronger efforts towards going green at WSBE17 Hong Kong!


Sustainable Actions for Conference Participants

  1. Access the venues by public transports
  2. Avoid printing of excess materials
  3. Download the WSBE17 Hong Kong Event App before coming to the Conference
  4. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)
  5. Return your badges when you leave, so that these can be reused at future events
  6. Take as much food as you need to avoid food waste
  7. Separate the recyclables and dispose them to the recycle bins


Sustainable Actions for Exhibitors

  1. Avoid excessive decorations, if possible, use natural decorative materials e.g. green plants
  2. Use reused/recycled/recyclable materials to build your booths
  3. Maximise the usage of reusable panels, cabinets, signage boards and recyclable carpet
  4. Use e-brochure or e-catalogues and minimises the distribution of printed matters (e.g. catalogues, brochures)
  5. Reduce souvenirs or choose souvenirs with a practical use and made of reused/recycled materials
  6. To place recycling bins in booths, practise waste separation and dispose the recyclables into the recycle bins
  7. After the event, take the materials back for next use

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