Lunch Arrangement on Conference Day 1 (5 June) 

A Networking Luncheon is included in the 3-day Standard Package.


Lunch arrangement on Conference Day 2 & Day 3 (6 & 7 June)

Option A

The Organisers will provide lunch at a cost of HK$400 per day. The exact lunch venue will be announced closer to the event date. The venue could be located inside the Convention Centre or outside but within reasonable walking distance. The lunch venue may vary for different delegates depending on the time of registration. Conference Delegates who wish to choose this option could register with the online registration system.

Option B

Conference Delegates could feel free to choose any restaurant outlet they prefer and please find below a list of restaurants which are within reasonable walking distance. The price range provided is for reference only. No registration with the Organisers is needed for this option.

Restaurant Location  Price Range1  Cuisine Walking distance from HKCEC 
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai 
Harbour Kitchen Harbour Road Entrance  Below HK$50  Hong Kong Style Direct access to HKCEC
Harbour Road Café  Harbour Road Entrance  Below HK$50  Western / Coffee Shop Direct access to HKCEC
Convention Plaza Shopping Arcade, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Empire City Huaiyang 8/F   HK$200-HK$400  Huaiyang 5-10 minutes
Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Super Super Congee & Noodle Shop G4-5, G/F  Below HK$50  Fast Food 8-10 minutes
Tasty HK Shop105-110, 1/F  Below HK$50  Fast Food 8-10 minutes
Triple O's by White Spot Shop 121-113, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  American Fast Food 8-10 minutes
Victoria Harbour Supreme 3/F  HK$100-HK$200   Guangdong Dim Sum 8-10 minutes
Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Genki Sushi Shop G05-6, G/F  HK$100-HK$200   Japanese sushi 8-10 minutes
Al Dente Shop 102-105, 1/F  HK$200-HK$400  Italian / Western 8-10 minutes
Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Fairwood  Shop 136 and 136A, 1/F  Below HK$50  Fast Food 15-20 minutes
Das Gute Shop 122 & 123A, 1/F  Below HK$50  Western / Coffee Shop  15-20 minutes
Sip Shop 126, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  Western / Coffee Shop  15-20 minutes
Asian Twist Shop 104, 105-108, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  Thai / Singaporean  15-20 minutes
Menya Musashi  Shop 101-103, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  Japanese / Ramen 15-20 minutes
Oliver's Super Sandwiches Shop 118-119 & 123-125, 1/F,   HK$50-HK$100  Bakery / Fast Food 15-20 minutes
Yoshinoya  Shop 140, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  Japanese / Fast Food 15-20 minutes
Victoria City  2/F  HK$100-HK$200   Guangdong Dim Sum  15-20 minutes
Itacho Sushi  Shop 137, 1/F  HK$100-HK$200   Japanese / Sushi 15-20 minutes
Tamarind Pan-Asian Restaurant & Bar 2/F  HK$200-HK$400  Asian / Western  15-20 minutes
Jardin de Jade  Shop G3–4, G/F  HK$200-HK$400  Jiang-Zhe / Shanghai  15-20 minutes
Brim 28, Causeway Centre, 28 Harbour Road, Wanchai
The Trafalgar Brewing Company Shop 10, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  Western 15-20 minutes
K-Roll Shop 104, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  Korean 15-20 minutes
The Mickey B Pizza Co. Shop 13, 1/F  HK$50-HK$100  Italian pizza 15-20 minutes
Tinello Shop 1, 1/F  HK$100-HK$200   Italian 15-20 minutes
Angus Shop 2, 1/F  HK$100-HK$200   Italian 15-20 minutes
Chez Patrick Deli Shop 5, 1/F  HK$100-HK$200   French 15-20 minutes
The Hop House Pub & Grub Shop 14, 1/F  HK$100-HK$200   American / Bar 15-20 minutes
The Grand Hall  3/F  HK$100-HK$200   Guangdong Dim Sum 15-20 minutes
FRITES Belgium on Tap Shop 6, 1/F  HK$200-HK$400  Belgium 15-20 minutes
Divino Patio Ristorante Bar Pizzeria Shop 11, 1/F  HK$200-HK$400  Italian 15-20 minutes
Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Délifrance Shop G05, G/F  HK$50-HK$100  French / Fast Food 15-20 minutes
Kasa Shop 103, 1/F  HK$100-HK$200   Cantonese 15-20 minutes

1. The Price Range provided is for reference only.

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