Nothing is quite as exciting as the innovation that has started and will accelerate in the built environment...WSBE17 Hong Kong is leading the way on this progress based on innovation and integration.

Keynote Speaker, Ms Christiana Figueres
Vice-Chair, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy
WSBE17 Hong Kong attracts the attention of key organisations, and the inclusion of high-profile speakers is a testament to the relevance this conference will bring to the sector. WSBE17 Hong Kong is certainly one of the highlights of 2017.

Co-owner of SBE Series, Mr Curt Garrigan
Cities and Buildings Programme Manager, UN Environment- Economy Division
The entire industry and academia has to be aspirational and inspirational. A clear signal towards a transformational process will come from WSBE17 Hong Kong. There is no better place for such a signal than dense, vibrant Hong Kong.

Keynote Speaker, Prof. Thomas Auer
Managing Director, Transsolar
The GABC is pleased to join WSBE17 Hong Kong, which will facilitate much needed dialogue among the many policymakers and industry professionals who will be attending. We look forward to identifying concrete actions in that we can work on collectively.

Co-owner of SBE Series, Mr Frederic Auclair
Coordinator, Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC)
WSBE17 Hong Kong is a significant event bringing together the finest minds worldwide to exchange experience, explore ideas, and invigorate collaboration to create a sustainable built environment.

Platinum Sponsor, Mr Sean Chiao
President, Asia Pacific, AECOM
WSBE17 Hong Kong promises to be a global meeting of the brightest minds in sustainability. What better city than Hong Kong, a hub of global entrepreneurship and innovation to host these discussion!

Delegation Head, Mr Bengt Wanggren
CEO & Founding Chairman, Sweden Green Building Council
We are proud to join hands in driving cutting-edge sustainability innovations through the sharing of our global sustainable development experiences.

Platinum Sponsor, Dr Raymond Yau
GM, Technical Service & Sustainable Development, Swire Properties Ltd.

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